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TempCon is philosophical about its separate sub-brands. Temperature measurement and control products for ODM company, TempCon dedicated platinum resistance temperature sensor design and research and development.

WhY Pt100

Each type of temperature sensor has a particular set of conditions for which it is best suited. RTDs, in particular Pt100, offer several advantages:

A wide temperature range (approximately -200 to +600°C) with only one sensor

Good accuracy

Good interchangeability 

Long-term stability

With a temperature range up to +600°C, RTDs can be used in all but the highest-temperature industrial processes. When made using metals such as platinum, they are very stable and are not affected by corrosion or oxidation. Other materials such as nickel, copper, and nickel-iron alloy have also been used for RTDs. However, these materials are not commonly used since they have lower temperature capabilities and are not as stable or repeatable as platinum.

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