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TempCon is philosophical about its separate sub-brands. Temperature measurement and control products for ODM company, TempCon dedicated platinum resistance temperature sensor design and research and development.

Choosing Standard PT100 sensors

The type of probe and cable should be chosen carefully to suit the application. The main issues are the temperature range and exposure to fluids (corrosive or conductive) or metals. Clearly, normal solder junctions on cables should not be used at temperatures above about 170 °C.

Sensor manufacturers offer a wide range of sensors that comply with BS1904 class B (DIN 43760): these sensors offer an accuracy of ±0.3 °C at 0 °C. For increased accuracy, BS1904 class A (±0.15 °C) or tenth-DIN sensors (±0.03 °C). Companies like Isotech can provide standards with 0.001 °C accuracy. Please note that these accuracy specifications relate to the SENSOR ONLY: it is necessary to add on any error in the measuring system as well.

Related standards are IEC751 and JISC1604-1989. IEC751 also defines the colour coding for PRT sensor cables: the one or two wires attached to one end of the sensor are red, and the one or two wires at the other end are white.

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